This was a short but really good one! I  bumped into this listening to a book podcast called “What should I read next?”.  

I was drawn in by the description from the book. I usually don't read a book composed of short stories.

In The Secret Lives of Church Ladies, there are stories from women primarily living in the US southeast area. Lots of culture, traditions and habits are exposed in each of the narratives. All of them almost merge together for their similarities in how women were and are still treated.

In this book, there are numerous topics between the lines. How traditional and religiously some families are raising their kids and how cynical members from the same religion tribe are.  How Afro-American families are stigmatized and how sometimes they need to make one more step to get a fair treat from society.

In these pages, events make the reader feel life conflicts between a mom and her daughter, the absence from a father figure and how blame takes part when raising a girl, and lastly how a love relationship doesn’t mean sometimes a straight line with just one and only person.

I had a great time reading this book and it opens up anyone’s mind to different realities and family situations.