The Guest List is the first book I read where each chapter is narrated in the first person, from a different character. Jules is the bride, and Will the groom. They are very successful people and decide to marry on an exclusive Irish island. A bunch of friends and acquaintances are invited. The island seems to have some sort of dark energy to it, and many myths are built upon its existence.

The follow-up story falls a bit into a rich people's wedding cliché. A bunch of friends reunite on the island, and they get haunted from by they did back in high school. Bullying, betrayals, power abuse and "the end justifies the means" are recurrent themes.

The book has lots of similarities to Agatha Christie's way of creating tension and keeping the mystery until the end. The climax happens in a moment where the parallel stories are only 1 hour in between.

I had a good time reading this one. It lacks in my opinion a better ending, although the ethic and moral lesson is there. One of the main characters faces all past sins and has a big toll to pay. This book suits great for a weekend read and to reset from non-fiction ones.