After creating the new project and deciding how the basic architecture would look like, I will start adding extra components to the app.

I think a good UI and design will always attract more people. It makes a software consistent and clear. For us, developers, we don't have a great eye when it comes to lay out structure and elements inside a web or mobile app.

Lucklily, there are infinite options out there.

For the past year, I've been using Tailwind for all my projects. I know there's Bootstrap and Bulma out (good options by the way), but Tailwind just hit the nail in terms of how easy and fast you can get a layout and style done.

For anyone who's coming from other frameworks, they have replicated very similar classes, and approach. Also, flex is always your friend 👨🏻‍💻.

The Taiwind team have gone even futher and have released a package of components and elements, called Tailwind UI. For me, it was a quick way to get stuff in the app, without thinking too much about hiring a designer (⚠️ It costs US$249 for the application and marketing package).

Tailwind UI landing page

One thing I totally forgot, was to add the auth scaffolding in Laravel. This would you a basic set of routes and views to handle common actions, such as: login, register, forgot password, etc.

The newest version of Laravel doesn't come with this by default, sou you need to explicitly add it: php artisan make:auth.

After some touches here and there, I got to finished some basic pages and views for the project. This is how it looks so far.

Simple landing page.
Login page.

Next, I will add some basic models, factories and seeders to automate testing of data.