I read the first part of this series last year, and I was looking forward to reading more of Karin Slaughter (that reminds me I still have Pretty Girls in my bookshelf).

Kisscut is completely a different level from the fisrt book. I thought that storyline  was disturbing but in this one, Slaughter presents some topics that may be unsettling for some people.

What I liked about this book, is that we understand more and more about Sara, Jeffrey and Lena. We learn these are complex relationships and that, as the main storyline happens in parallel, lives are greatly affected by past events.

Without going into much detail, the plot unravels a child pornography business and kidnapping. This was somehow upsetting but I was able to go through the end. It's becomes amazing how certain characters justify this behaviour and are willing to push the limits to get what they want.

I enjoyed the pace, also the chapters devoted to only 1 or 2 characters, and of course the thrill to find the responsibles behind this atrocity. At certain points I had to stop reading it, and take a break from it.

Overall, it was a great ride of emotions and I can't wait to read part 3.