Kind of a crazy couple of months with new projects and things to do. Also got a new bike. Been riding Vancouver for some weeks now and it feels like a completely new city 🌆.

This post is not about bikes, but indeed about new projects and here I want to introduce my new online course about testing:

"The efficient guide to automated testing for PHP applications"

Testing is a hell of a subject and depending on your experience, it has multiple angles to evaluate how much in depth you want to test your app.

I've been in the "trenches" trying to convince my manager to add tests.

I've been intimidated and paralyzed when thinking, how the hell I can start testing this codebase?

I've been leading teams to complete a specific project, and seeing those weird faces when I start talking about adding more test coverage.

In this course, I intend to show you what nobody told me. The best tips and practices to start gaining confidence when writing tests.

No matter if you're starting as a developer, have plenty of experience or currently leading teams, you will get value out of this course.

Does any of this ring a bell?

I'm planning on releasing this soon so if you want to get the latest updates, let's stay in touch.

👉 Let's stay in touch for this course

I'm really looking forward to sharing what I know about testing.